Tropi Fruity : Anonas

We've all known that our country Philippines are rich in tropical fruits that we use to export in other country but we did not know that there is more hidden tropical fruits that still unknown or unpopular by most of us Filipino, especially for those new generation who lives in the city. These fruits are we can consider as belongs to our Medical plants because of the good benefits that they can give us from our body. So here is the four name of fruits that I am telling for: Anonas, Littuko, Paho & Mansinitas.

Anonas, Annona reticulata - A tree growing to a height of 10 meters. Leaves are shiny, oblong to oiblong-lanceolate, up to 20 cm long, 2-5 cm wide, pointed at the tips, with petioles 1 to 1.5 cm long. Flowers are greenish-yellow, fragrant, 2 to 2.5 cm long, occurring in twos or threes on lateral peduncles. Fruit is large, heart-shaped, brownish-yellow, about 8 cm or more in diameter, with pentagonal areoles on the outside. Skin is thin, covering a cream-colored juicy and sweet pulp. (click here for more sources: http://www.stuartxchange.org/Anonas.html )

Photo by: Rworange

Anonas is a fruits who has combination of sour and sweet taste with the same look of Guyabano from outside and a seedy type like Atis from inside. You may found this fruit in Montalban Rizal with price range of 65-70
pesos ($1-2) per kilo.