Tropi Fruity: Littuko, Paho & Mansanitas

As my previous post. Here is the other Tropi Fruity that will give us another with seal of a Filipino taste.

Littuko - a fruits that came from Ratan tree known in use of sourcing of making furniture and any decoration. The sweet small size like a Lanzones fruit and has a skin like a snake is good for main flavor of making jam and wine which often to found in Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya.

photo by: RanzelPc
Littuko is rich for vitamin C and Anti-oxidant for protecting sickness and enhancing resistance etc..
photo by: Kiko Cruz

- A look likes a very young small fruit of mango ("bubot" in tagalog words) and has taste more sour than the original one is good to mixed up in making "sawsawan" or gravy is can be found in province of Lipa, Batangas in amount of fifty pesos per kilo. (Harvest month period is from Februay to March)

These small tart mangoes are not underdeveloped or baby large sweet mangoes but rather a species of its own (Mangifera altissima). The tree is very similar to other more well-known mango trees though their leaves are bigger than that of the typical carabao mango tree (according to Domingo Madulid’s book: The Philippine Archipelago). The fruit is typically pickled, brined (soaked in a salt/water solution), or cooked with other vegetables. It can also be eaten raw with salt and sometimes tomatoes and onions for a mouth puckering side dish.
for more info visit this http://www.marketmanila.com/archives/paho

Mansanitas - also known as Baguio Cherry, Palawan Cherry and But-o-Lan is originally came from china is now can be found in Nasugbo, Batangas with a sweet and little sour taste is good to eat like a candy.